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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Want to get instant traffic to your website through Pay Per Click Advertising Activities? Many people think that PPC is profitable in the long run. Others think it is junk spending and, ultimately, advertising, word-of-mouth really wins. Right message at the right time is what really counts. Either advantageous or not, one thing is certain that advertising is inevitable. And nowhere is that more applicable than on internet marketing.

What are PPC Services?
Pay Per Click Services assist you to administer your PPC accounts efficiently that will provide you more money. Many novice users do not realize, for example, that the choice of certain keywords that you might spend a fortune on PPC search marketing. Some words can cost a little bit more for per click because they are in high demand and are not always the right choice for the people. Using PPC services of a business with experience can help you to avoid that problem.
How does PPC services?
Although each company is different, Webeveron technologies have developed a four step process to get the most from their investment in PPC.
  1. For beginners, we study the keywords for your business and recognize those with prospective which can be used more cost-effectively. 
  2. The selected keywords are carefully tested to ensure they are generating the desired results. This is an important part of our PPC services, as it ensures that you will get the results you are expecting. 
  3. It then analyzes the results and the campaign is refined in line with the analysis for reports. 
  4. The process is repeated and refined until the results are satisfying.
Why buy PPC services?
  1. You do not have to micro-manage every part of your PPC advertising campaign. 
  2. Experts will handle all the particulars of time and make sure your promotion gets off to a rapid start. 
  3. PPC procurement of India and an established company like ours is simply economic. 

We deliver quality. And, the good news is that, at Webeveron technologies, we also remove a sizeable fraction of your marketing budget!

The PPC process involves:
  1. The tender for relevant keywords related to products or services offered 
  2. Inserting infused keyword ads on websites and weblogs 
  3. Paying the search engine company based on the actual amount of ad clicks by users 

The greater the amount of the bid, there is more probability of higher position in the list. Increased number of ad clicks, the more are the chances of visibility of the website. Advertisers need to pay only when users click on ads to visit their websites. You have to pay per click, but it's much affordable as compared with traditional advertising.

PPC Through Webeveron

Webeveron Technologies is a leading Pay Per Click Company which offers PPC advertising and PPC management services to its clients. Our successful PPC advertising campaign involves the management of PPC Google adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter, and involve these steps: 

  1. The analysis of your business, products, services, customers and its short and long advertising budget
  2. Investigate, evaluate and test the most relevant keywords 
  3. The design of the keyword are rich ads, catchy and creative 
  4. The personalization of ads on search engine 
  5. Development of bidding strategies and the execution of change tracking and reporting tools 
  6. Loading advertisements, tenders, click-thru rate monitoring and conversion tracking
pay per click
PPC Management

PPC is a very effective form of Online Marketing. For example, to create your own advertisements (ads) on Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are creating your own ads and choose keywords that are directly related to your business. 

At all times, you are controlling your expenses and your budget does not require a minimum cost of the ads. In other words, you are free to determine the amount to pay for their ads. 
On this source, you only pay when you get outcomes. That is, you only pay each time a user clicks your ad, without looking of your advertisement Payment options which vary by country and currency.

Our PPC Services Gives You:
  • Negative keyword research to filter unwanted traffic
  • Analysis of your business objective
  • Campaign setup
  • Split testing (to test your ad copy for best impact)
  • Keyword research & expert level bid management
  • Keyword match typing & optimization
  • Landing page development, evaluation, and analysis of traffic
  • Competitor research & benchmarking
  • Weekly campaign progress report
  • Tracking ROI
  • Initial ad copy research and copy writing
  • Google analytics report
    • profile setup
    • goals setup
    • advanced filters setup
    • funnels setup

Why You Need Expert PPC Management?

Since its introduction, pay per click advertising has developed its own processing technology. In fact, it creates the income flow built by Google. The result is technology, complexity, constant change. Even online marketers and professionals have time, know-how and serenity to manage an effective pay per click management campaign. Background is required for the approach, as the campaign moves forward (or the change of rules).

This means you need a team behind you, one that has the experience, skills, time, and their best interests in mind. And that will be fully responsible for the results.

The Benefits of PPC Management campaigns
  • You are not limited to any minimum funds here when you're doing ads on your site through pay per click campaigns. The definition of the budget is entirely up to you. 
  • You agree not to state a budget to pay for every click that users begin clicking on your ads. For example, you specify to pay 5 cents for each click that a user chooses to access your site, and then you only pay 5 cents per click. 

Promotion through pay per click leads to a much affordable rates for each tender compared with other ads in different media such as television, newspapers and magazines.

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The migration of existing designs to new design. Web designer can customize

The migration of existing designs to new design. Web designer can customize
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